Cook County School District 130

District Office
12300 S. Greenwood Ave.
Blue Island, IL  60406
(708) 385-6800
(708) 385-8467 fax

Board of Education
Lynne O. Arendziak, President
Denise Horton, Vice President
Joyce Pilewski, Secretary
Jacquelyne Sharp
Jane Blew Healy
Jill Contreras
Steven Cheversia

The District 130 Board of Education meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month.  Meetings are held alternately either in Blue Island at Veterans Memorial School or in Crestwood at Nathan Hale Middle School. Please see the calendar for exact dates.            Agenda        Minutes

Meeting Minutes of 03/18/2010
Special Meeting Minutes of 03/24/2010
Special Meeting Minutes of 05/06/2010

District Budget FY2010

District Contracts Over $25,000

District Board Policy

District 2010 Approved Technology Plan

2008 RtI Needs Assessment

District ISBE AYP

District ISBE eReport Card

Administrators Salary Compensation Report for 08-09

Districtwide Parental Involvement Policy Procedures

Districtwide Improvement Plan 2009

Everett F Kerr Middle School Restructuring 2009

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Notice to Parents Regarding Professional Staff Qualifications
Parents may request information regarding the professional qualifications of their child's teachers, and of any instructional paraprofessionals assisting the teacher. Parents may obtain this information about teachers by going online to the Educator Certification System located on the Illinois State Board of Education website at Click on "Public Search" and then click on "Educator Name" and type in the name of the teacher. Then click on the teacher's name when it appears in the window and the teacher's current credentials and NCLB highly qualified status will be indicated.

Parents may also obtain information regarding teachers and instructional paraprofessionals by contacting the Human Resources Department at the District Office, 708-385-6800 ext. 107, or by contacting the Human Resources Assistant at

District Administration

Raymond A. Lauk, PH.D
Kathleen Duba
Cynthia C. Mooney, JD
Dr. Tina Halliman
Margarite Crivellone
Allan S. McDonald


Superintendent                                                                           Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Administrator for Personnel Services
Administrator for Pupil Personnel Services
Director of Funded Programs/Gifted                                      Administrator for Business Services                                               

District Boundaries

Click here to view a map of District 130's Boundaries.

A Brief History of District 130

   In 1847, the first public school in the area opened at what is now Maple and Grove Streets in Blue Island.  The building, which later became a library and public meeting hall, still stands not far from the present Whittier School.  The first building on Maple was replaced by a two-story structure in 1854-55, which was named Whittier School.  This second structure was replaced by a Victorian version, and later by the present Whittier building in 1925.

The latest building to carry the name Whittier School, built in 1925.
   As the community grew, other buildings were added to the school system.  During the 1950's, the Illinois legislature forced the closing of District 129, a one-room school.  The Crestwood students from District 129 became a part of School District 130 at that time.    Just 16 students attended the area's first public school in 1847, although about 80 school aged children were known to live in the area.  Today, District 130 makes every effort to have all children within its boundaries in a school program. Currently approximately 4,050 students from Alsip, Blue Island, Crestwood and Robbins attend school in District 130.