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2009-2010 Registration Downloads
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Standard Course Offerings

  • Instruction in all academic areas based on the Illinois Learning Standards
  • Special area course offerings in art, general music and physical education
  • Industrial Technology and Family & Consumer Science instruction for middle school students
Homelessness Information
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Dual language, a special program which provides instruction in English and Spanish to children whose first language is Spanish or English; these classes are located at Lincoln (K-3) > Whittier (4-5); Greenwood (K) > Revere Primary (1-2 & Grade 3 in 2010-2011); and at Nathan Hale Primary (K-1 & Grade 2 in 2010-2011);
See attachments for more information on enrollment and how the program works.

Dual Language Program / Programa de Dos Idiomas

Special Course Offerings

  • Transitional Bilingual Education Program
    • Available for students whose first language is not English
    • Native language instruction (Spanish) in reading and writing
    • Native language instruction (Spanish) and English As A Second Language (ESL) in the content areas
    • English at the students instructional level for those ready to transition to all  English for all subjects and English As A Second Language
    • All subject areas in English include listening, speaking, reading and writing
    • A Parent Advisory Council gives suggestions for program implementation
  • Transitional Program of Instruction
    • Available for students whose first language is not English and there are a variety of language groups in the school
    • Students receive services in English for listening, speaking, reading and writing in English Language Arts
    • Students will be able to communicate and participate as effective members of the school community
  • Gifted Program
    • Available for identified students in grades 1 through 8
    • Provides accelerated and enriched instructional experiences
    • Nurtures a commitment to lifelong learning and encourages the use of the students' special talents
  • Title I
    • Reading Recovery® is an early intervention program available for 1st grade students at Revere Primary, Lincoln, George Washington and Hale Primary
    • It provides daily one-to-one reading instruction by a specially trained teacher
    • Primary Literacy is a short term reading support program that is available in grades 1 through 3 at Revere Primary, Lincoln, George Washington, and Hale Primary and Intermediate
    • Offers professional development for all staff in providing a balanced literacy program
    • Supports language arts team members at Kerr, Hale and Veterans Memorial Middle Schools
  • For more information, please contact:
    Margarite Crivellone, Director  Transitional Bilingual Education, Transitional Program of Instruction, Title I and Gifted Programs                                               12300 S. Greenwood Ave.
    Blue Island, IL  60406
    (708) 385-6800
    (708) 385-8467 fax

  • Special Education
    • Services are provided for students aged 3 through 15
    • Assists students with identified special needs to maximize their mental, physical, social and emotional competencies
    • Services for low incidence handicapping conditions provided through support from the Eisenhower Cooperative
    • Screenings for special needs children are available at Horace Mann School and can begin when a child is 2 years, 9 months of age
  • For more information, please contact:
    Dr. Tina Halliman, Director  Special Education Programs
    12300 S. Greenwood Ave.
    Blue Island, IL  60406
    (708) 385-6800
    (708) 385-6274 fax