Principal's Page

Mr. Joseph Talluto

     I have been asked what is leadership? Leadership is the ability to look at a situation, assess the best possible solutions, and inspire others to follow.  Leadership is a character trait which allows a school to move forward to fulfill its vision.  Leadership is the ability to bring together people from many different backgrounds and unite them in a common goal.  Leadership allows for the maximum number of students to be provided with the opportunity for success.  Leadership is the confidence to say “Follow me.”

     In my position as an administrator, I will always put students and learning first.  This is the core of my beliefs in education and the focus of my vision for the school.  I would encourage parents to volunteer as much as possible, retaining an “open door” policy for anyone wishing to contribute.  In addition, I would send a survey home to parents asking them about any special skills they may have that might be useful for the school, be it being able to speak another language, trades skills, or interesting hobbies that teachers might be able to tap into for classroom presentations.  I would include parents in committees which would help decide important agendas for the school, and I would have an open ear to any parent who needed to speak with me on any subject.  I feel that my varied background in employment has enabled me to relate to a wide range of individuals and their respective backgrounds.